Digital television and citizenship

Finnish Information Society Development Centre TIEKE and m-cult conducted a research project on civic participation in digital television (12/2004-4/2005). The project established a dialogue between NGOs and civic groups to create models for participatory television production.

The research was jointly commissioned by the government's Citizenship Politics programme (Ministries of Finances and Justice) and the digital television framework ArviD (Ministry of Traffic and Communication).

The report "Digital television as channel for civic participation" publishes results from the project. Based on extensive interviews and two workshops, the report places media citizenship within a framework provided by participatory politics and peer-to-peer communication in a multi-channel environment. The results are summed up in an overview of communication needs from civil society and governmental points of view, concept descriptions for participatory services and proposals for further policy actions.

digital television as channel for civic participation
    Digitaalinen televisio kansalaisvaikuttamisen kanavana
    Minna Tarkka, Kari Hintikka and Oili Suominen
    ArviD publication 05/2005
    Helsinki:Ministry of Traffic and Communication
    98 pages (in Finnish) ISBN 952-201-015-4 (print), ISBN 952-201-016-2 (pdf)

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