Artvertiser workshop

The Artvertiser imagines a near-future where advertising in public space can be replaced by art. The Artvertiser Helsinki workshop and walk were led by Julian Oliver and Damian Stewart.

Artvertiser HelsinkiArtvertiser Helsinki

The Artvertiser is an urban, augmented-reality project, consisting of custom-made handheld binocular devices and specially designed software. The Artvertiser situates the 'read-only', proprietary imagery of our public spaces as a 'read-write' platform for the presentation of non-proprietary and critically engaging content. During the workshop, participating artists created visual works to replace urban advertisements in Helsinki using real time computer vision techniques developed by Julian Oliver and Damian Stewart.

The workshop is co-organized by m-cult and the Gizmology project at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art. It is targeted to artists and students who share an interest in Augmented Reality, 'adbusting' and culture jamming. A primary theme of the workshop is developing and deploying graphical, critical commentary on the impact of advertising on the visual culture of our cities.

Artwork made during the workshop will be presented in a public walking tour in the streets of Helsinki, using the Artvertiser Billboard Interception Units, specially crafted digital binoculars that transform advertisements into art.

Workshop dates: May 4-6, 10-17

Public presentation/lecture: May 4, 17-19

Artvertiser walk: May 7, 11-13


Artvertiser is a project by Julian Oliver and Damian Stewart. Since its first presentation at Berlin's transmediale 2010 festival, Artvertiser has been shown in Brussels, Rotterdam, Madrid and Helsinki.

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