Superflex and Tenantspin interviews

Interviews with the Danish artist collective Superflex and the British community tv Tenantspin have been published at M2HZ and Stadi.TV.

The connection between the two is Superchannel, a participatory platform for web tv which was initiated by Superflex in 1999, more than 5 years before YouTube was opened.  Tenantspin, a tv channel produced by elderly people in Liverpool's tower blocks was one of the first users of the platform - and a very successful one that is still in operation.

Superflex was interviewed during IHME days in Helsinki April 2011. Besides Superchannel, they talk about their IHME piece Modern Times Forever and the popular Free Beer project. For Tenantspin presents, we interviewed the channel's artist and makers both in Helsinki during the Media Facades Festival in 2010 and our trip to Liverpool in June 2011.