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Kotomedia - multicultural media production

[img_assist|nid=346|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=18]Kotomedia is a project on media produced by and for the immigrants.



Finnish immigrants are not represented in mainstream media, neither as viewers nor as producers. In our view, local open channels present a new opportunity for multicultural, multi-lingual media production in Finland. In 2010, this work is carried out in the Kotomedia project - media produced by and for the immigrants.


The concept has been planned in 2008-09 within a coalition formed by Forum Virium Helsinki, Arcada Polytechnic and m-cult, with public and private partners such as Elisa, Helsinki city communications. For the development phase 2010-13, the project has been supported the Helsinki city Innovation fund.

The new channel was launched in 2010 and presented 24-hour programming on the net and digital cable in the Helsinki region. Starting from 2013, the channel is net-based at Stadi.TV.