Online Imaginaries

With the theme Online Imaginaries, m-cult invites artists to work towards a new political imagination on the internet.

The early promises of the internet - sharing, empowerment and freedom of expression – have faded and it may seem that there is no escape from the monstrous logics of surveillance and algorithmic profiling, propaganda and fake news typical of today's internet. m-cult is delighted to support and present work by media artists who dare us to expose and challenge the workings of the online world and envision its other futures.

Smiley with tears on broken smart phone screen

Realised in context of the European Media Art Platform EMAP in 2018-21, the programme has been developed since 2018 and was launched on March 12, 2019 at the WWW 30 club.

The programme includes several artist residencies and by Network Effects, an international media art exhibition at Helsinki's new Oodi Central library in 2019.